Transforming a Space with Windows & Doors

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The right windows and doors can do so much for a room or home. Whether you’re building, renovating, or simply curious, here are some of the amazing ways that windows and doors can transform a space.

Exterior Appeal of your Home Created by Windows and Doors

(image: Double Hung Rehau Sash Windows, Picture Windows and Awning Windows by Meridian Caribbean Inc. at The Palisades, Atlantic Shores, Barbados)

A good-looking house is literally what you want to come home to. Window and door design makes a huge impact on the appeal of a home. It can be the difference between ‘warm, welcoming, modern’, vs ‘closed off, stuffy and old’.

(image: Design A original; Design B updated by Meridian Caribbean Inc.)

Take the image above, Design A vs design B, a completely different look was created simply by altering the windows and doors. This is where working with an expert will help, whether you’re designing a home or commercial building, they’ll ensure you’re aware of the vast variety of design aesthetics windows can give you.

(image: A uniquely designed commercial Porte Cochere at a conference facility gives the wow factor, Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, St. Michael, Barbados.)


(image: Cross details in the windows at The Henrys Memorial Wesleyan Holiness Church in Buck’s Hill Village, Gingerland, Nevis )

This is also an important concept to consider when looking at a renovation. Changing a structure can quickly become very costly, whereas updating a room or home by replacing the windows and/or doors can be a very economical option.

Windows and Doors Bring the Outdoors In

(image: Doors become windows with Meridian Sliding Patio Doors)

The feeling inside a home is equally, if not even more important than the look of the outside. When building, every additional square foot adds up to an increased budget. Windows and doors are a way to cheat the system and make a space feel much larger than it is. Large openings help bring the natural element of the outdoors inside while keeping you protected.

The below home renovation was a tiny wooden patio in need of an update. The owners enclosed it using both slider and picture windows to get protection from the elements without sacrificing the blissful feeling of an outdoor space.

(image: A Combination of Slider and Picture Windows from Meridian Caribbean Inc.)

Windows and Doors Create a Clear Vision

What’s the point of having a view of the outdoors if it’s foggy? The process of cleaning windows used to be exactly that – a process! However, technology has literally opened new windows and paved the way for this to be a simple matter of ‘open and clean’. For the normally hard to clean casement windows, a unique 90° pivot allows them to open in a manner that allows for the cleaning of both sides of the window from indoors. This allows the inside of a home to be as bright and clear as it is outside.

(image: Casement windows, showing the unique 90° pivot allowing both sides of the window to be cleaned with ease)

Protection by your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors have more than just surface value, they truly can and should protect your home.

The most important purpose of a home is to provide safety and the right windows protect not only from the everyday elements like sunshine and rain but also from extreme circumstances like hurricane conditions, fire and intruders. They can also protect from the common but pesky intruders, like mosquitoes. Windows from suppliers like Meridian Caribbean come standard with removable insect screens.

The material used to make windows also makes a difference regarding protection.

  • Reinforced uPVC is a non-conductor and so window frames made from this material allow for a much cooler space. A cooler space in the Caribbean is not only more comfortable but also uses less energy and is, therefore, less expensive. This is further enhanced as an impervious seal is created when they are made, disallowing any air or water to pass through.
  • The quality of uPVC is also superior to other materials and will last longer without warping or yellowing and is resistant to denting and impact scratches.
  • Quality uPVC frames also resist condensation, protecting interiors from any water damage.

Both insulated and tinted glass will also help with energy efficiency. You can further secure your windows and doors by opting for laminated glass, which will make them shatterproof on top of being soundproof.

(image: Well protected: Heron Court, St. James, Barbados with uPVC windows that are durable, lightweight, recyclable and energy efficient)

Don’t underestimate what you can do with a space using windows. With the right supplier, you can transform a room, home or building economically and with ease. Once serviced yearly, quality windows and doors can keep your space feeling the best for years and years to come.

Select and download one of the below formats for further product detailing on the many offerings from Meridian Caribbean Inc.:


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