Smart Home Technology you will Love!

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Smart home technology has grown tremendously in recent years. Many, if not all, of these technologies, can assist in home energy management.  These innovations can contribute to a more stable and adaptable electricity infrastructure, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, these technologies add value to homes by offering enhanced functionality.

Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner with plans to start building from scratch or already a homeowner looking to “upgrade” your living experience, technology, and more specifically, smart technology is fast becoming an important part of everyday life.

It’s no longer a case of owning the latest gadgets just for the sake of keeping up with new technology.

Rather, it’s about discovering that the internet has now been combined with voice and touch activated devices, giving birth to smart technology that now includes almost every element in your home – from the lights to the refrigerator.

What makes it even more exciting is that you can now remotely control any number of things at your home, just by using an app on your smartphone or mobile device.

Smart Home Technology you will Love! - Construction Caribbean

To get onboard with the technology, one of the best ways to start is to acquire a home automation hub. These include devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, and others that are increasingly flooding the market.

These hubs act like personal assistants and become the center of control to enable you to use the various smart technology products in your home – from the TV to the stereo.

All you need to set up a hub is a Wi-Fi network and your preferred product.

Some of the smart devices presently available on the market include:

Smart locks

Keyless technology just can’t be beaten. Keep a home safe even if out and about. Let guests or children into the property if they’ve forgotten a key using a Smartphone. This piece of equipment also keeps records of who’s entered and exited the property.

Video doorbells

Screen and even chat with callers before answering the door. Not at home? Don’t worry. A photograph is taken each time someone presses the doorbell so homeowners can see who visited.

Smart light bulbs 

Although a little expensive to buy, they will last for a very long time. These types of light bulbs can be controlled from a Smartphone plus there’s the added benefit of being able to turn lights on or off via a timer.

Fit door sensors 

This enables householders to see any movement inside or outside of the home.

Security cameras

A good move to make a home a smart home. Unwanted intruders can be spotted quickly and the relevant steps taken to deter anyone from entering the home.

Smart sprinklers

Incorporate the latest technology by connecting to the internet, meteorological databases and/or on-site sensors to save you money by ensuring that your sprinklers only run when they need to.

Smart air conditioners 

Allow you to control your temperature from anywhere outside the home.  They also automatically adjust to cool before you get home, saving when you are away.

Smart appliances 

Include refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers and even kettles that can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Smart entertainment

These include Smart TVs and streaming devices.

Since acquiring several smart devices at once may be a little pricey, it may be wise to focus on the specific devices that you need most – depending on your lifestyle – whether mainly for security purposes or for comfort.

For example, the prices of video doorbells range from around US$100 to just under US$200. The prices are typically dependent on whether the doorbell you select has a high video resolution quality, live video feed, motion detection or a wide range of view.

Although smart device controls can help save energy, considerably larger energy efficiency gains can be realized through smart automation. But importantly, the default settings of systems should be “green” to maximize energy savings.

For those with hectic schedules smart home technology may be more than worth it, especially for those homeowners who are regular travelers or may otherwise be away from home for long periods of time.



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