Holiday-Ready Homes – The Dining Room!

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The Christmas season is upon us and that means parties, entertaining, family and more entertaining.

The dining room is where the bulk of your parties will be held so it may be time to revamp your dining space to impress all the extended family.

The main focal point of your dining room is of course the dining table.

If your current dining table is looking a bit old and beaten down, you can start thinking about investing in a new one for Christmas.

When looking for a new dining table, it’s important to think about the size, the colour and the maintenance.

There are countless different dining table styles like traditional, modern, country, cottage or transitional so it’s really up to you to choose what best suits your style and home.

Make sure you look for long-wearing materials and durable finishes that can resist moisture, scratches and stains. A tabletop that can easily be wiped clean is perfect for big families and sticky fingerprints.

Make sure you think about the number of people you want to be able to sit at the table. An extendable or drop-leaf table is perfect if you like to hold larger group dinners on special occasions.

Table placement is important. The last thing you want is for your guests to be squeezing in and out of tight spaces… especially when they’re freshly full from the Christmas feast. Make sure there’s room around the whole table for chairs to be easily pulled in and out.

It may be a good idea to pick a table that consists of materials that you already have in your home so it ties everything together. Glass tables are sometimes popular to make the room seem bigger and brighter but if you like a formal dining room, go for darker colours.

The shape is another aspect you have to think about. Go for circles if you’re concerned about space, squares if you love a modern look, or rectangles if you have a big family or like hosting big dinners.

For an extra touch of elegance, you can invest in a serving cart alongside your dining room table which has a great contemporary look while serving the purpose of storing food and beverages or acting as a drinks station.


Now that you have the perfect table… let’s think about decorating it for the holidays.

Gathering around a beautifully decorated dining room table for Christmas lunch or dinner is what everybody looks forward to. Have a look at these dining room table ideas to inspire your Christmas decorating…

Accents of red is always a safe yet elegant route to go!


Don’t be afraid of bright colours over the holidays! Try using table accents that match your tree.


Looking to impress? Add crystals and silver pine cones to lush Christmas tree branches for an elegant and glamorous look.


You can never go wrong with silver and gold. Because those colours pop so much, don’t worry about a tablecloth.


The Caribbean kind of white Christmas. Avoid bright colours and go for white or grey with a simple and modern flower centrepiece.


Mason jars can be a great touch on your table. Add candles or special Christmas decorations.


Hershey Kiss Centrepiece — This may be the simplest yet most fun centrepiece you can feature on your dining room table. And the kids will be sure to give you a hand!


Now get to decorating… You don’t have much time left!

Stay tuned for more in the series on Holiday-Ready Home.


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