Holiday-Ready Homes – The Bedroom!

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It’s December! And that means Christmas is right around the corner. As homeowners, we tend to decorate all the common areas of our home for Christmas, but leave out the bedrooms. To get into the full holiday spirit, it’s essential to bring the Christmas magic into every room. All your rooms deserve attention, and well, the bedroom is where you spend 12 hours out of your day… we hope!

Just because we’re from the Caribbean doesn’t mean we can’t create a cozy winter escape! Get your bedroom in the Christmas spirit with these tips and ideas…

Try adding festive throws to refresh your bedding, giving your bedroom an instant Christmas facelift


Deck your headboard with the leftover Christmas tree decorations. Include lights for that extra bit of holiday romance!


Swap out your art piece with a decorative wreath to bring all the Christmas spirit


Don’t be afraid to add multiple Christmas trees around your home. If you don’t want to spend extra, try fake trees or even plan a family DIY day to make festive trees out of materials you can find at home. (Check out this coffee-filter Christmas tree!)


Including a painted or printed sign of your favourite Christmas saying to act as a beautiful reminder of the season


Who says Christmas ornaments only go on trees?! If you have any hanging light fixtures, attach Christmas balls with ribbon for some festive beauty


And don’t forget that Christmas smell. Living in the Caribbean, we have a lack of natural festive smells so try some Christmas scented candles!


Finally… You can never go wrong with stockings!!


Take all the December hustling and bustling stresses away and feel that Christmas spirit from the moment you wake up. All of these and more can make being woken up early on Christmas morning easy.


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