Construction Caribbean Magazine March 2018

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Construction Caribbean Magazine

Welcome to our inaugural print edition of Construction Caribbean Magazine, aptly themed “Looking into the Future: 2018 and Beyond”, providing an integrated snapshot of the major trends affecting the industry in the months and years to come.

January marked one year since we began this digital adventure, and we’ve never looked back. Our premise is simple— the days of overselling are gone.

The modern consumer is both educated and informed and successful companies are those that share their expertise.

This approach has translated into results— our clients have reported that customer conversion has been much higher than for traditional advertising.

Reader feedback has also been overwhelmingly positive and we are confident that this favourable response will hold just as true for print.

If there is any conclusion that can be extrapolated from the pages of this magazine, it is how culture, the environment and macroeconomics intersect, directly impacting the construction industry and its various touch points.

During the latter half of this decade, the Caribbean was heavily impacted by significant economic, environmental and ideological shifts, causing consumers to respond with a heightened commitment to safety, structural security and sustainability.

Our in-depth and informative discussions with Tatem Architects, Blue Print Management, Rock Hard Cement, Preconco, Ready Mix, Ready Block, Meridian, G4S and Caribbean LED Lighting confirmed these observations— we thank these industry leaders for their support and transparency.

To close, I would also like to thank my “right hand”, Mr. Joel Manning and my talented team of contributors, Jeremy Stephen, Daphne Ewing-Chow, Ariana da Silva, Michaela Gomes and thank you, dear reader! Here’s a glimpse of the digital version of Issue1/2018.


Zoe Manning


About US

Construction Caribbean is an informative website that publishes quality content articles on the latest news, trends and resourceful information by all contributors in the construction industry.

The purpose is to inform and educate persons on all Construction areas within the Caribbean.

The vision was created to collaboratively house all things Construction under one roof making it easy for persons to access the necessary information and be guided to better decision making.

This journey starts from the purchasing of land to landscaping and everything in between.

This corporate connection of products and services is vitally important to the companies of our region, in helping them to gain further recognition and growth.

“Lets’ Build it Right Together”



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