G4S: Securing Your Investment

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Safety is one of life’s greatest concerns.  Imagine your home as a fort that protects you, your family and your valuables.  Ideally, you would want to ensure that no one is capable of infiltrating your fort and its for this reason that layered home security exists as it serves to provide multiple defences against intruders resulting in a more efficient way to prevent losses.  Ideally, the more challenging the task appears to a burglar, the more likely they are to choose another target.

Layering your security, whether corporate or personal, is a concept that has been tried and proven and it is for this reason that we sat down with Maria Boyce Taylor; Commercial Manager at G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Ltd, to learn more about layered protection.

G4S: Securing Your Investment. Home security

What is Layered Protection?

Layered protection means utilising several different security measures to ensure that your home or business is secure.  Each layer provides a different type of protection, ensuring that if someone tried to burglarize your home or business, they would be caught before stealing anything. The idea behind layering security is actually very simple; how many layers must a potential intruder go through before gaining access to your home or business?

The key to efficiently and effectively layering your home or business is for it to be done strategically, taking your environment, the biggest risk, lifestyle and your specific security needs into consideration.

What are the different layers of home security?

At G4S, we do not have “set” layers per se; the layers are determined by many factors. We seek to design your home and/or commercial security taking the location, nature of the business, how it operates, the lifestyle of the clients and potential risks, into consideration. We have many different layers available including, but not limited to, alarm systems with monitoring and response, key holding and access control and video surveillance (CCTV).

We always recommend monitoring home security systems as an essential weapon in the arsenal of security layers. At G4S we have a 24-hour monitoring station that allows our clients to feel safe whether at work or home, knowing their properties are being monitored for any risk including intruders, fire and other unexpected hazards.

For a homeowner or business interested in layering their security, what is the usual process?

We are passionate about safety, security and service excellence. A G4S representative will visit your property to conduct a full assessment to better understand the risk, design your ideal security plan and make recommendations for the layers required.

What are the advantages of layered home security?

Layered homed security acts firstly as a deterrent to burglars and can serve to minimize break-ins and home invasions.

Layered home security also brings with it a peace of mind for the individual knowing that their property is protected.  A feeling which is further backed by G4S who provides around the clock support for their security systems.

Are there any disadvantages of layered home security?

There are no real disadvantages to layering your home or business’ security.  Layering the security does require an initial investment, including equipment costs, installation and subscription of services, however, this investment is one that serves to provide peace of mind and protection and it’s for this reason that an increasing number of homeowners and businesses are choosing to layer their security.

By understanding the industry and the wider challenges of the protection of assets, G4S aims to assist their clients by building and maintaining trust in their security services, reducing operating costs and improve the overall business performance.

“We aim to differentiate G4S by providing industry-leading security solutions that are innovative, reliable and efficient.”


G4S Secure Solutions (Barbados) Ltd (G4S) is the leading security company in Barbados and provides a range of services for the protection of life and the preservation of assets.  We understand the construction industry and are able to draw on expertise, our proven capabilities in risk assessment and intelligence, logistics, end-to-end project management and integrated technology solutions to deliver effective, comprehensive security solutions. G4S Barbados has operations in Barbados, Grenada and St. Lucia.


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