Turning Rock and Wire into Elegance

Rock gabion walls have been popping up everywhere recently and are proving to be a must-have feature for your garden or backyard.

What is a Gabion Wall?

Although you may not know it, I can assure you that you’ve come across one before. The simplest way to put it… It’s basically the marriage between rocks and wire. Gabions are wire enclosures that can be filled with materials like rock or brick and are used a lot in landscaping to support earth walls and even to prevent coastal erosion on the beach. They have been around for thousands of years and were previously used by the military to provide an effective yet inexpensive retaining-wall system.

Nowadays, they’re most often seen in gardens and are versatile, meaning they can vary greatly in size and style. Not only are they extremely beautiful, combining a traditional yet modern and industrially chic look, but they also have many advantages.

The Advantages of Gabion Walls

  • They are environmentally friendly and can knit your house and landscape together beautifully
  • They can provide shade while still allowing cool air to flow through
  • They are permeable and cannot be washed away or damaged by rain or flooding
  • They are a great way to prevent soil erosion
  • They are easy to install and can be very affordable
  • They are strong and long-lasting
  • They can be filled with recycled aggregate making them a sustainable option

Have a look at these gabion ideas for some inspiration. The options are endless!

Gabion wall made from rock and wire
Try bordering your plants and flowers with a gabion wall. It’s a perfect landscaping feature for a great contemporary look.


Gabion wall made from rock and wire
Go for a modern bench look. Contrasting textures are definitely in style so gabions are perfect to pair with wood or concrete.


Gabion wall made from rock and wire
Water features go perfectly with gabion walls for that dramatic pop.


Gabion wall made from rock and wire
Don’t be intimidated by all the huge walls. If you’re not looking for a huge change right now, try incorporating a mini style gabion like this one. It is a small yet perfect touch and can make all the difference in your garden.


Gabion wall made from rock and wire
Gabion walls act as a great backdrop for your outdoor art. Try adding light colour decor like this Buddha so that it can really pop against the stone wall.


Gabion wall made from rock and wire
Have a look at this beautiful gabion wall that just screams modern luxury. Oh, and don’t be afraid to include gabion features inside the house too!


Gabion wall made from rock and wire
This modern garage was completely transformed with the addition of gabion walls. Adding a gabion feature to a space that is often overlooked can be a great way to subtly catch people’s eyes.


Gabion wall made from rock and wire
And of course, the original function of the gabion wall is to retain slopes. Not only is it a functional and beneficial feature, but it’s also appealing and can act as a beautiful welcome for all your arriving guests.

So if you think a gabion could be that unique backyard design feature that you’ve been searching for, try contacting a landscape architect so they can let you know what would suit your space best. You can even try going through the countless DIY websites and videos for gabion features and you’ll be sure to find something that interests you.


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