9 Big Creative Ideas for the Small Balcony

Having a large outdoors and backyard space isn’t really a reality for many people. Sometimes we just don’t have the space or means to have a large balcony or outdoor space. Living in highly populated areas can mean that you have limited outdoor spaces and you feel like you have to stay inside to be comfy. But there are some great design ideas for making tiny balconies beautiful and functional.

Investing in a number of potted plants can give you a “garden” look without all the garden fuss! Just don’t forget to water them occasionally.

Try colourful railings with wood or a picket style fence to bring texture and a touch of the country feel.

To achieve a great seamless and open layout, try investing in full glass doors that can open up completely to your mini balcony. It will make your indoor and outdoor space feel bigger and is great to bring the fresh air in.

Adding wrapping vines to your railings or to your pergola can make your small outdoor space feel like an exotic escape. (Here are some beautiful pergola ideas!)

Try investing in some beautifully designed wrought-iron chairs that can make you feel like you’re enjoying the streets of Paris.

If you want a more zen feel for ultimate relaxation, try incorporating bamboo along the wall and instead of using chairs that can take up a lot of space, make a cozy corner with floor cushions – the perfect spot for a morning tea or coffee.

Have a look at these small balcony designs for inspiration.

Balcony designs that can work for your small space

  • Try planting your favourite flowers or plants at different heights and sizes and for added space, invest in a flower box that can perch on the other side of the balcony to avoid taking up valuable floor space.
  • Add shelves for added storage and decor areas without taking up floor space
  • If you put your plants on all sides of the balcony it can create the feeling of being in a garden even when you’re not

All these lovely designs can prove to us that size really doesn’t matter!


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