Wooden Screens: Beauty & Privacy Indoors and Out

During the summer and on the weekends, it’s great to spend as much time outside as possible. There’s no better way to encourage your family to spend time outdoors when your backyard space is beautiful as well as private. Privacy screens are a must have for your home, especially if you live in a densely populated residential area. They can protect you from curious neighbours as well as from direct sunlight in the afternoon. Many people use wooden screens to create their perfectly peaceful retreat, providing privacy as well as a beautiful decorative accent for a garden. Another bonus is that they can hide things like water pumps, hoses or your AC unit out of site.

They can be made from many different materials but wood is most often used because it’s easy to incorporate, and it makes for a beautiful and natural addition to your outdoors. Wooden screens create inviting and warm spaces and you can make it your own by designing it in many different ways or adding plants or decorations to spice it up. You can even add light fixtures to accentuate the beauty at night — perfect for evening entertaining.

Wooden screens are most often found outside but did you know that they can also look great inside? They can be used as room dividers and add a lovely aesthetic appeal to your interior design. They are great for more open home layouts to separate different areas like the kitchen and dining or the living room and office space.

Not only can you use them for room dividers, but they’re also as a great addition to your staircase adding a visually exciting piece for your guests to see when they walk in. (See https://constructioncaribbean.com/2017/09/12/step-up-your-stair-design/for more staircase ideas). Wooden dividers can also be a great bathroom addition as wood can look great when it’s paired with glass or marble.

Wooden screens can beautify your home on the inside and the outside and are a must-have decorative piece for your space. They are functional, providing privacy from nosy neighbours and protection from direct sunlight. Moreover, wood pairs perfectly with a number of other materials and provide the pop you need for your home at an affordable price.


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