The Ultimate Bachelor Pad Design Ideas

For those of you who don’t know, a bachelor pad is a slang term for a house or apartment in which bachelors live. A bachelor pad can be built and designed on a very limited budget as is the case with many young adults or they can be designed in extremely extravagant and luxurious ways as seen amongst many celebrities.

A bachelor pad, first and foremost, is a place where you can do whatever you want and so you should decorate it in a way you like. There are no set rules or standards for how you should decorate your pad because only you will be living there so it’s all up to you. What could be better than designing a place where you make every decision?!

If you don’t know where to start with your bachelor pad, here are a few tips that may help you:

  1. Focus on you and your needs: Forget about what other people like to see in their homes and just include the decor that you like whether that be an abstract painting or a striking lamp. Essentially, don’t include useless decorations unless they’re also functional. What’s the point in spending money and time searching for items you’ll never use?
  2. Don’t clutter your space with accessories and decorations: An abundance of these will only make your space seem smaller and will also get in the way when you need to do a quick clean. Bachelor pads need to be simple, relaxing, uncluttered and easy to maintain.
  3. Always go the simple route: If you have a choice between two pieces for your bachelor pad, always go for the simplest one and avoid things with useless details.

A huge trend being seen throughout bachelor pads and many other types of homes or businesses is the ‘industrial style’.

Industrial style or industrial chic is inspired by old factories or industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted into lofts and other living spaces. Many young people prefer to live in urban areas so the loft apartment that has been converted from warehouse space is on high demand.

It only takes a few features like exposed brick, use of industrial pipes and pendant lighting to make the industrial style work.

Take a look at these stylish and chic bachelor pad ideas to give you some inspiration:

Walls & Floors

  • Exposed brick is one of the best characteristics of an industrial chic bachelor pad. It adds warmth to your space and gives it a grungy yet modern look. Exposed brick can be the pop of style and decor that you need in your apartment and you can achieve the look with little to no effort

  • You can even try painting the brick white for a unique and clean look

  • Keeping your ceiling concrete can add a great effect if you contrast it with a dark wood floor. It’s visually appealing while staying in the dark and masculine mood



  • Try adding industrial style lighting to warm up your space while adding an inventive pop.
  • Unique floor lamps are not only functional but a great decorative component.
  • Hanging industrial lights can bring a pop of colour if they have bright cords
  • Use copper piping for overhead lighting for a fun and stylish design element



  • Leather is a great texture to go for when decorating your industrial style apartment
  • Unique coffee tables can be the focal point in your living room like this reclaimed wood version

  • Stainless steel cabinets and bar stools clearly add that industrial element while still remaining sleek and modern.
  • Industrial design doesn’t always leave a lot of space for storage so look for decorative pieces that can double as storage spaces. Black pipes can create a hanging storage space for clothes with extra storage underneath


Bonus tips 

  • Elevate your bed to make your bedroom seem more spacious

  • Add chainlink elements to your walls to add texture and visual interest


So if you’re looking for a design style that’s warm, masculine and most definitely sexy, industrial chic may be the style you’re looking for for your bachelor pad.






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