Volunteering Ideas to Rebuild the Caribbean

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Several of the Islands in the Dutch, French, and English speaking Caribbean have been devasted by Irma and Maria.  In the aftermath, the stories and pictures which have surfaced have brought great empathy and compassion from the neighbouring and international communities, all who have risen above and beyond to help.  We all can help!

We can choose to form a committee to work on an area in which we have an interest or skill. By teaming with others with a similar interest, we can rebuild together.

Volunteering ideas are endless. Here are some of the ways you can help:

1. Medicine/Healthcare – Join a Medical Committee.
2. Livestock – Form or join a group to replace livestock lost.
3. Engineering – Form or join a group to focus on rebuilding with best engineering practices.
4. Energy Group – Form or join a group that will introduce best renewable energy systems.
5. Garden Club – Form or join a group that promotes agriculture and agriculture science. By working with 4-H Clubs, Botanic Gardens, and promoting school gardens we can rebuild with sustainability in mind.
6. Books/Reading/Writing – Form or join a book/reading/writing club to help schools and libraries; and also to publish articles in local papers about efforts.
7. Art – Form or join a committee to promote artwork which can be sold to aid the rebuilding effort.
8. Music – Form or join a group that promotes music and concerts in aid of the rebuilding effort.
9. Sports – Form or join a sports committee so we can aid sports on the island and host games to raise funds.
10. Youth & Student Leadership – Form or join a group that encourages youth and student organizations such as the Cadet Corps, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Pathfinders, Junior Red Cross Society and student councils. Youth and students are the leaders of tomorrow and will be needed to rebuild.
11. Helping People with Disabilities – Form or join a committee to aid the blind, or physically handicapped.
12. Helping the Environment – Form or join a group which works to replant lost tree cover, and manage rivers.
14. Emergency Services – Form or join a group to assist police and fire service with emergency equipment to better protect the society.
15. Helping People in Need – Form or join a group to aid those in immediate need of support.
16. Spreading the Word – Join a media team so you can advocate/network for the long-term rebuilding.
17. Cleaning Up Your Town or Village – Join or form a committee to keep communities clean.
18. Working with Kids – Join or form a committee to collect toys and mentor kids.
19. Community Playgrounds – Join or form a committee to set up swing sets and simple playgrounds so kids can play again.
20. Chamber of Commerce – Form or join a group to aid and advocate for industry and to promote enterprise by networking between the local and international centers of production. In promoting production, we can aid exports and so rebuild income.
21. Culinary Arts Society – Form or join a group to promote cuisine as a fundraising tool.
22. Innovators Group – Form a committee to come up with ideas to rebuild.

Source: Rebuild Dominica

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