Mudrooms: Leave that Dirt at the Door

A mudroom is a small room or entryway where footwear and outerwear can be removed before entering a house. Essentially, it’s a place where you and your kids throw everything when you all walk in after a long day. Adding a mudroom into your home design can seriously add organization and overall cleanliness to your home. Even the tiniest of mudrooms can be helpful in keeping your home and family efficient and in order. They are perfect for busy families or if you have an abundance of guests coming in and out as your mudroom can double as an organized storage space and as a welcoming entrance to your home.

First and foremost, your mudroom is the place in your home that you confine the mess (or mud) to. We all know that after long or rainy school days, you, your kids and your pets can drag in a lot of mess. A mudroom gives you a place to take muddy shoes and raincoats off and put them away neatly. That way, the rest of your home remains clutter-free. You do, however, want your mudroom or entrance way to be easy on the eyes too.

Whether it’s a dedicated space blocked off from the rest of the home or a makeshift corner that gets the job done, here are some tips for designing the perfect mudroom.

  • Tile floor – Having a tiled floor is a must for your mudroom. They are durable and the easiest to clean.


  • Hooks & racks galore – Umbrellas, hats, raincoats, bags… They all need somewhere to go and keeping them off the ground is a must. If you don’t have a mudroom and want to start small, just add a row or two of hooks.


  • Bench – Another great feature would be a bench. It’s the perfect place to sit and take off your shoes. Double your benches powers by adding in a storage shoe tray underneath or use a bench with a flip-up seat for extra hidden storage.


  • Personalized cubbies – A great feature to incorporate would be open cubbies for each of your family members so everyone has their own designated storage space.


  • Closet – A closet is great for concealing the things that you won’t be immediately needing like sports equipment, toys or cleaning supplies.


  • Sink – A sink is a perfect bonus that’s great for gardening, cleaning off or just simply washing off the day’s dirt and germs that have collected on your hands.


Amp up your mudroom style with these chic looks:

  • Display your shoes in style with a back-light. Each family member can be allocated his or her own backlit shelf for shoes.


  • Incorporate a shielded entryway storage. Even if the rest of your home is an open layout, it’s still great to keep your entryway or mudroom slightly separate from the rest to hide the open storage. Invest in a little dresser for extra storage and a landing stop for mail, phone charger, and keys.


  • Add a number of storage levels. This home’s mudroom has a specific section for hats. Personalize your mudroom to incorporate the storage that you need.


  • Always include a mirror. The mudroom or entryway is not only where you’ll be entering, but also where you’ll be directly before you leave the house. Incorporating a full-length mirror is perfect for final outfit checks.


  • Lastly, make sure you include your personal style. Don’t be afraid to integrate your home’s style and personality into your mudroom design. Rather than wasting wall space, integrate a small shelf to add charming decorative accents that represent you and your family.

If you’re designing or renovating and have serious clutter problems, a well-designed mudroom can be the most useful feature to include. So if you have space and the budget invest in a mudroom that not only makes the rest of your home cleaner but also makes everyday life easier and makes you feel more comfortable when you get home after a long day.


Jessica Buckmaster

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