Skylights: Open up your Home to Open Skies

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Skylights are special types of roof windows that can be added to your building to allow natural light to come indirectly during the day. Skylights can be a perfect option for brightening up a dark and dreary space and completely changing up the character of a room. They add a sense of spaciousness and style that is sure to impress every guest.

Skylights, Construction Caribbean

As well as adding lightness to your space, skylights can also add great ventilation and can be a good way of keeping your home cool on a hot day.

Here are a few reasons why you should install a skylight:

  1. They provide more natural light and air ventilation
  2. It can improve the overall look of your home or building
  3. It can reduce your need for artificial lighting
  4. It maintains the temperature balance in the room by replacing the hot air that rises by cool air from the skylight
  5. It gives you a great eco-friendly touch to your home perhaps increasing the resale value

Skylights, Construction Caribbean

With every additional constructional feature you add to your home there may be potential downfalls. Here are a few issues you might come across with installing a skylight:

  1. You can’t control how much light or heat comes in on a day to day basis
  2. Dust can accumulate in the hard to reach places and it may need to be cleaned often
  3. If your skylight is not sealed properly, leaks could become a problem
  4. Direct sunlight could cause a glare in a work setting that may become uncomfortable
  5. The installation and maintenance costs are usually more than normal windows

However, with the right planning, materials, and placement of your skylight, it can truly work wonders in your home.

When planning your skylight installation, be sure to take into consideration the sun’s path. This is one of the most important things to think about for a successful skylight. Skylights on the South or West facing portion the roof will collect the most direct sunlight and skylights facing directly North or East may not get any. Make sure you plan extremely well and thoughtfully as you shouldn’t just cross your fingers and knock a huge hole in the roof! Try talking to an architect as they’d know the best types of skylights to suit your home.

Skylights, Construction Caribbean

It’s important to not skimp on the quality of your skylight. You want to be considering many factors such as energy efficiency, water tightness, sound reduction, load and wind resistance. The last thing you want is a leaking skylight in your living room.

While practicality is important, it’s also essential to think about aesthetics. Try avoiding skylights that face the street as front-facing skylights can look out of place on traditional home styles. Try aligning the skylight opening with a door or some other feature so it doesn’t look like it was randomly placed somewhere without any thought.

Skylights, Construction Caribbean

No matter which kind of skylight you end up choosing, it is sure to add some light into your life. It can scatter sunbeams throughout a dreary kitchen, brighten a dark bathroom, capture a view from the top floor or provide a starry-skied bedtime spectacle.

All-in-all, a great investment!



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