Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet

No matter who you are, where you’re from or what type of home you live in, you probably could use much more closet space. Our clothes can really start to pile up and sometimes things that don’t even belong in our closet end up there anyway. We live such busy and fast-paced lives that our homes can quickly become cluttered and disorganized. Having a well-designed closet that functions well while still looking great is a must in this busy day and age.

There are so many different styles of closets that it gets hard to put your finger on what you want. Here are a few bits of advice to help you plan your dream closet.

The first step in designing your closet is determining what exactly you need out of it. Do you need more hanging space or is it more drawers for accessories that you’re looking for?

Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean

Maybe you can use this time to do some spring cleaning and clear out the closet that’s been piling up for the past 10 years.

Pro tip: When clearing out ask yourself these five questions about every item in your closet to help you move along quickly and efficiently –

  1. Have I worn it in the past year?
  2. Would I wear it again?
  3. If I saw it in a store right now, would I buy it?
  4. Do I love the way it looks on me?
  5. Is it damaged or worn out?

If you answer no to one or more of these questions, get rid of it!

See below if you’re a serious hoarder and need more help!

Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean

Don’t forget to keep your budget in mind. Remodeling a closet can range greatly in price depending on what it is you want done. The costs vary depending on the size and scope, the materials you want to use and if you choose to hire professionals. If you find yourself going over budget, consider downsizing or completing the remodel in stages to cut down on immediate costs.

After clearing your closet, find out how to create a space that fits your specific lifestyle and pocket. You should figure out if you need hanging space, hooks, drawers, shelves, shoe space, etcetera. Don’t be afraid to build your closet around the things you love the most. Are you a shoe fanatic? Then have majority shoe storage! Like people, no two closets are created equal, so don’t feel limited to stick to a certain style.

Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean

Customizing your storage is definitely the way to go. You can even walk through your morning routine and figure out how best to store your clothes to get ready quickly and get out the door for work.

It’s extremely important to see how much space you have to work with. Perhaps it would be helpful to have a professional come in and see what they think you should do with your space. Precise measurements are essential for personalized wood systems that require cutting. It helps to have someone with you while you’re taking the measurements to make sure that everything is correct. And if you don’t feel comfortable taking your own measurements, have your closet professionally designed and installed.

If you don’t know what approach you want to take, below are a few suggestions to guide you:

If you like luxury

  • Go for a walk-in closet
  • It can fit any size space and offers more depth and manoeuvrability than traditional reach-in closets
  • It’s versatile and has countless storage opportunities
  • It maximizes wall space and corners
Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean

If you like to mix and match

  • Go for a DIY closet system
  • Pick and choose what closet organizers you need, rather than hoping your belongings will all magically fit
  • It’s rare that you find a perfect closet solution without adding or changing something so customize your closet to fit your needs
Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean

If you can never make a decision

  • Go for a free standing closet system
  • They are a great option for renters because they can stand freely on the wall and have the ability to be moved easily
  • They are adjustable and adaptable
Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean

If you find yourself on a budget or lacking space for a walk-in closet, you can try a “faux” walk-in closet by making use of an unused corner in one of your rooms.

Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean
“Faux” Walk-In Closet

Here are a few more closet tips, tricks, and ideas to help you design and beautify your closet:

  • Add some pull out hooks to save space while adding more storage
  • Hang plenty of mirrors to make your closet look bigger while giving you all the perfect angles to find your outfit
  • Install a wallpaper on an accent wall to add personality
  • Choose the best lighting that is not too harsh on your skin, but bright enough to see how perfect your outfit looks
  • Try adding curtains to hide any clutter that may build up. They are perfect to easily access, showcase, or conceal your personal closet items.
Tips & Tricks to Revamp your Closet - Construction Caribbean

How you revamp your closet all depends on your wants, needs, as well as your budget. There are different closet styles to suit every budget so don’t settle for a closet that you always want to hide from your guests. There is no “cookie cutter” solution to getting your home organized, but having the perfect closet can increase the calm in even the most hectic household.


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