Bringing the Outdoors into your Space

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You may not realize it at first, but doors make up a massive part of your home. Doors can increase the value of your property and improve the overall aesthetic and look of your space. If you choose the correct styles, they have the ability to keep you cool and give you gorgeous views while keeping your house bright with natural light.

When it comes to choosing doors, there are a wide variety of options, and it can sometimes get overwhelming. The most important thing to remember is that doors can drastically change the appearance of your home and give the impression that your space is a lot bigger than it really is. There are an array of beautiful glass door styles that have the ability to bring the outdoors into your space and give your home a more airy and open feel.

All the doors Meridian Caribbean Inc. offers are beautiful, durable, energy efficient and available in an extensive variety of styles, sizes and configurations.

Their doors cause less stress on the environment as they are long-lasting and conserve raw materials while preventing pollution associated with manufacturing and disposing. Added to that, they all have excellent thermal performance that minimizes energy use.

Glass doors create more open spaces and improve the flow and function of your space. And what’s more, all of Meridian’s products are locally made and quality-checked at every stage of construction.

If you’re building or renovating, here’s a quick guide to help you in choosing the perfect style of door to fit your needs:

Sliding Patio Door

  • They open smoothly and quietly with a nylon wheel system, stainless steel rollers
  • They are reliable and will stand the test of time while remaining watertight. They have an engineered drainage system which allows the best resistance to water leakage
  • They are available in many standard sizes or you can customize it to fit your exact space
  • This patio door is available in 2, 3 and 4-panel configurations
  • It has excellent thermal performance while keeping sound transmission to a minimum
  • Security and protection – The Sliding Patio Door is engineered with fixed and mobile panel rails that interlock perfectly making it almost impossible to remove the glass from the outside
  • You are able to customize the aesthetic with a white or beige finish
  • It is low maintenance, being able to withstand the toughest conditions. It only takes the occasional cleaning and oil maintenance to keep the tracks running smoothly
  • The Sliding Patio Door is absolutely perfect for modern living and can open up your space with a classic look and a large glass area for maximum natural light
Meridian Sliding Patio Door


Bi-fold Door

  • The Bi-Fold Door is a premium solution for spaces that need a wide unobstructed opening – It has a seamless view and flexibility in configuration giving you practical and aesthetic benefits
  • This door creates a wide opening without any interruption – Its sash panels fold one-by-one to the side leaving no post in the middle to create a full opening to the outdoors while giving you maximum open space
  • Its design can be matched with a wide variety of window & door configurations
  • You have the ability to customize your own sizes
  • There’s compression-seal technology to keep dust, dirt, air, and water out and help reduce the noise from the outside
  • It’s built with high-quality hardware to operate quietly and effortlessly
  • It has multi-locking mechanisms for safety and security
  • Gives you a brighter and airier indoors with great air-flow while remaining modern, contemporary and timeless
Meridian Bi-fold Door


Hinged Door

  • The Hinged Door works with outward swinging sashes so you can utilize your interior space
  • It can create a beautiful main entrance with a French-door style.
  • It is a versatile door system that can be used for a patio, deck or balcony access. It is used by many designers as a perfect alternative to sliding doors.
  • It has compression seal technology that keeps out air, water, and dirt and reduces the noise level
  • This door is durable and qualifies for coastal locations even in hurricane prone areas
  • It can be built with single or double doors with outward opening with 180 degrees and folds right over the wall
  • It is designed in a way that it can perfectly be combined with windows to make a unique design
  • They are very low maintenance and only need the occasional cleaning with soap and water
  • They have heavy-duty hinges for long-lasting function
  • They are built with high-quality materials that operate quietly and effortlessly
Meridian Hinged Door


Every door is different so it’s important to figure out which style you like the best while still staying within your budget. Whichever door you choose, it’s important to remember that you should be looking for one that gives you that seamless transition bringing the outdoors into your space. All Meridian doors are attractive from the inside and out and are built with strength and durability to last so as to give you value for your money.


Meridian Caribbean Inc. is also the windows and doors supplier for many corporate projects across the Caribbean.

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