Not So Shabby, Summer Chic

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Shabby chic is a style of interior decoration that uses furnishings that appear to be pleasantly old and slightly worn. They tend to look a bit antique, soft, and cottage-like, while still remaining tasteful and luxurious.

The style emerged in the U.K., inspired by the type of decor found in large country houses with worn and faded sofas, curtains and old paintwork. It has become increasingly popular over the past several years because of its special charm and uniqueness.

The end result of shabby chic is to achieve an elegant overall effect with a touch of romance.

The shabby chic style is not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely budget-friendly.

While clearing out your home this summer, don’t throw away your old damaged furniture. Try restoring and renewing your findings to completely revamp your space. Flea markets or garage sales can also be ideal places to find hidden treasures.

There are thousands of Youtube tutorials for DIY shabby chic styles and ideas for renewing old lamps, mirrors, and closets. The simplest way to imitate an aged and distressed look on your furniture is by using faux painting techniques or by simply painting your furniture and sanding away the paint from some of its parts. Re-covering cushions with vintage-look fabric and ruffles can completely change the look of your living room and add that touch of romance.

What’s more, recycling and reusing old furniture and knick-knacks is a perfect way to start living a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

A DIY shabby chic appearance is easy to achieve and is perfect for adding a feminine, soft touch to any interior and to make it unique and personalized while costing next to nothing!


Shabby chic interior - Construction Caribbean
A soft-white colour scheme is a classic shabby-chic look, lending a peaceful atmosphere, whilst salvaged wooden furniture adds relaxed glamour.


Shabby chic - Construction Caribbean
Feminine, shabby-chic is a style that works perfectly in the bedroom. A DIY bedhead can be complemented beautifully with vintage linens and pastel coloured throws and cushions. And don’t forget the floral.


Shabby chic - Construction Caribbean
Add pops of floral against pale blue walls to really bring your kitchen to life. Distressed wood goes great with every colour.


Shabby chic - Construction Caribbean
This distressed counter adds a beautiful pop of colour to your kitchen and really reflects that old British country house feel.


Shabby chic - Construction Caribbean
Pastel shades contribute immensely to the shabby chic look and you can easily brighten up the entire room with a few coats of paint.


Shabby chic - Construction Caribbean
Salvaged furniture is the heart of the shabby-chic look. This distressed wooden table creates a relaxed vintage feel in this light and airy dining room.


Shabby chic - Construction Caribbean
This more modern kitchen uses slightly distressed cabinets to accent the entire design. Although white is a key element of the style, soft colours such as grey blue also contribute to the look.


Shabby chic - Construction Caribbean
Vintage accessories really shine against white walls. And remember, you never know what a little paint can do to a knick-knack you think may be unusable.


Learn how to do it yourself! 



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