Landscape Architecture: Adding Beauty and Health to your Home

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As we all know, having beautiful landscapes to complement your home are essential to adding that extra flair and charm to the overall aesthetic and look of your property.

And with summer just around the corner, homeowners should start thinking about how they can refine their outdoor space to encourage themselves and their family and friends to go and spend time outdoors.

Designing beautiful landscapes makes a positive impact not only on the built and natural environment, but also on people. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors provides huge health benefits. Nature acts as a stress reliever and offers one of the most reliable boosts to your mental and physical well-being.

Landscape architecture is the art and science of creating beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces for people and nature to co-exist and thrive happily.

Talma Mill Studios is a leading Caribbean landscape architectural firm that focusses on satisfying the needs of their clients with special attention to social and environmental sustainability. They work on a huge range of works from residential to commercial, as well as urban design. They provide designs that harmoniously bring together natural and constructed elements on the land while still responding to past, present and emerging social, economic, political and environmental conditions

For those looking to spice up the look of their property, investing in architecturally designed landscapes and natural environments is perfect for adding beauty, enhancing quality of life, and at the same time encouraging people to go spend time outside with our naturally stunning Caribbean greenery and weather.

Here are some beautiful examples of landscape architecture to inspire you. Designed by Talma Mill Studios.

Luxury Villa Designs

Crafting of a lush garden on a seaside site to afford views and to feel like an oasis hideaway. Inspired by the idea of rivers flowing to the sea.


It’s all about the view and clean architecture with a drop of whimsy thrown in for good measures with the grass “sand dunes”


Mixing contemporary plantation style with modern and eclectic.


Luxury Resorts

Colony Club: Fantasy and ambiance with special places including herb and vegetable gardens.


Coral Reef Club: Old Barbados charm.


Sandpiper Hotel: Ambience and amenity with a little art thrown in for good measure.


For further details and to get started with your tranquil oasis contact Talma Mill Studios  at

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