Another Art Form to Transform your Space

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Wall murals are becoming a popular choice for adding a little extra style and creativity to your space. They can change the entire look of an area and incorporating a mural can be a great way to tie together all your favourite decorative pieces.

The great thing about including a wall mural in your home or workplace is that they are completely unique and you can guide the artist towards exactly what kind of look you are going for. Murals can create a statement that everyone will be talking about.

50th Independence mural with emulsion paint – Hastings, Barbados

Murals are a great option for both residential and business settings…

At home a mural can:

  • Wow your arriving guests with stunning colours as they walk through the door
  • Create an escape from that unwanted stress with a serene bedroom mural
  • Make small spaces feel larger by adding lightness to all those dark corners
  • Add fun and adventure to children’s bedrooms or playrooms
  • Add an accent wall with an enticing pattern rather than just going for plain paint

At work a mural can:

  • Extend your brand by adding a mural with corporate elements and logos
  • Create a fun experience for diners at your restaurant
  • Add changeable seasonal backdrops for your retail store
  • Set a relaxing atmosphere for your spa or salon
Textured mural with various materials on wood panels attached to the wall – Bougainvillea Beach Resort, Barbados

Over the past couple of years, a number of murals have been painted throughout Barbados and the Caribbean and chances are, you’ve seen murals that have been designed and created by Rosalie Chiara and Bethany Pile.

Rosalie Chiara is a French artist and design painter who has many years of International experience in art.  She used to work on the French Riviera but now works in some of the most beautiful properties in Barbados. She has a huge passion for murals and says she loves that she, “…can totally change an ambiance of an interior space just with paint and some creativity… I feel like a magician sometimes!” She also enjoys creating textured effects like wood, marble and stone imitation as well as Venetian plaster.

Ceiling mural in progress with acrylic paint – France

Complementing Rosalie is the young and talented artist, Bethany Pile. Bethany works as a full-time artist and has a passion for creating realistic paintings that combine her contemporary teaching with imagery from Barbados. She has recently taken her degree in Visual Studies beyond the fine arts to wall murals and has added to Rosalie’s company, RC Designs & Decorations through her artistic style and skills and their work seems to mesh very well together.

Mural on an exterior wall with acrylic paint – Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, France

So if you’re looking to add a little style or flair to your space, murals may be a great option for you. There are endless options for creativity and with a little paint, the entire ambiance of an interior space can be transformed.

Imitation of Zuber wallpaper mural with acrylic paint – Canouan Island

More art by Rosalie & Bethany…

A selection of Rosalie’s personal artwork from her exhibition, Views from the Ocean


One of Bethany’s recently completed paintings, Oil on Canvas, 2017

Contact the artists:

Bethany Pile –

Rosalie Chiara –



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