Your 2017 Guide to what Homebuyers are Looking for

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Every year, something old goes out of fashion and something new suddenly becomes stylish… and that fact doesn’t just apply to clothing.

What homebuyers are looking for seems to be ever-changing so it’s sometimes hard to know what’s trending right now and what turns buyers off.

Whether you’re building, renovating or looking to put your house on the market, it’s important to keep up with what’s trending and what different features are on high-demand.

Here are some trends that most buyers seem to be looking for in 2017…

Single story

Many buyers seem to be looking for single story homes that have a very open layout. People are leaning more towards houses that have a number of glass doors and windows to make the space feel a lot more roomy and bright. High ceilings are a bonus.

2. Natural lighting

Lighting is huge. Buyers tend to look for homes that have a narrow layout so that light can get in from both sides throughout the day. When it comes to lighting fixtures, buyers no longer want typical Edison bulbs and are looking for more eco-friendly alternatives.

3. Modern kitchen

Kitchens continue to be the social centre of the home so many buyers look for spacious kitchens with big islands that can be used for prepping, homework and even eating. Smarter storage is of huge demand as the look of immaculate kitchens with no counter clutter is very much in style. As for appliances: stainless steel, shiny and as new as possible are best.

4. Comfortable outdoor space

Outdoor living space continues to top the “must-have” lists. People love having areas for sitting and entertaining with outdoor furniture that still feels as comfortable and homey as indoors.

5. Smart home technology

Demand for smart home technology has skyrocketed over the past few years as more technological advances are introduced. Homeowners want to be able to control their home systems with one click from their smartphone. This technology includes having control of home security, cameras, thermostats, lights, entertainments systems and so on.

6. Sustainability 

A common characteristic on everyone’s wish-list is the need for some sort of sustainability. With the rise of “green” building, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and reduce their carbon footprint. Features like water conserving fixtures, solar energy hardware, LED bulbs and car charging stations can be a huge game-changer for homebuyers.

7. Mixed metal

Popularity of the mixed metal colour trend is at an all-time high. Buyers are being drawn to the look of several different metals that complement each other, adding variety and something unique.

8. Navy Blue

Interior designers are moving away from the typical black accent and choosing navy blue as their go-to dramatic hue. Navy is excellent because it can be paired with a number of colours like red or yellow and it has an especially ‘beachy’ feel to it for Caribbean homes. The trend of having modern all white rooms is disappearing and people are searching for that pop of colour.

9. Uniqueness 

Finally, when looking to buy a new home, buyers need some sort of attention grabber to seal the deal. They need something that stands out and something that they haven’t seen before.




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