How to Dispose of the Various Types of Garbage

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Building or buying a house, certainly goes way beyond the new walls you will call home. Everything that happens around you has the potential to impact the quality of life you experience.  Considering how you dispose of your construction materials and household garbage should be one of your important decisions.

As our societies rapidly expand, the demand for and consumption of goods significantly grow and if not properly disposed of these types of garbage accumulate quickly and can pose a serious threat to the environment.  Improper disposal of garbage jeopardizes health not only on a community level but also on a national level and serves as an invitation for the further spread of bacteria and pollution.

A healthy environment is key to sustainability and a healthy lifestyle and why for many years Garbage Master Ltd. has sought to play its part in the cleaning and removal of both construction and household garbage, offering three skip sizes to suit their client’s needs.

3 garbage skip sizes  –

  • Mini Skip – 2 cubic metre. Best used for household cleanup and small renovations.
  • Mini Max – 3 cubic metre. This skip is an in-between size.
  • Regular Skip – 5 cubic metre. Best used for construction sites and businesses.
How to Dispose of the Various Types of Garbage - Construction Caribbean
One of the Mini Skip Trucks

In speaking with Trevor Manning, General Manager of Garbage Master Ltd. about waste management, he stressed the importance of the separation of refuse, not simply for recycling purposes, but also to aid with the proper disposal of the various materials.  He stated that materials should be separated into four main categories, those being Construction and Debris, Green Waste, Municipal Solid Waste and Mixed.


The detailing of the various waste types are as follows –

  • Construction and Debris garbage – this is generated from construction building sites and home renovations. This mainly goes to landfilling.
  • Green waste – consists of plant substances whether garden trimmings or otherwise. This is used in compost or bedding.
  • Municipal solid waste – also termed “wet garbage” is a combination of materials which come from kitchens, restaurants, and offices, etc. In some cases paper, card, glass and plastic can be sorted if not too soiled.
  • Mixed – This is mainly linked to the householders who just want to do a full spring clean and throw out all sorts of items. In Barbados, we also find three other materials which have specific dumping sites and must be kept separate from all other materials.
    • These are:
      • Big metal, vehicles and parts, fridges, bed frames and other metal furnishings
      • Tyres
      • Asbestos material
How to Dispose of the Various Types of Garbage - Construction Caribbean
Garbage Master Trucks

Compactor trucks also play a vital role in the cleaning up of the environment by allowing for greater efficiency, given that they can hold up to 12 tons of garbage, meaning that only one trip, to the landfill, is required daily.

Garbage Master Ltd. uses these trucks in conjunction with the Sanitation Service Authority in Barbados to aid with house to house collection of garbage in the parish of St. Peter.  To date, the SSA along with the public have been very pleased with the service provided by Garbage Master.  This additional service further contributes to the Barbadian society at large.

How to Dispose of the Various Types of Garbage - Garbage Master

Some charitable cleanup campaigns include coastal cleanups in conjunction with the Caribbean Youth Environment Network, Rotary Club of Barbados, gully cleanups and also, partnering with the popular Holetown Festival, as well as, local schools and churches.

Sustaining the environment is key to life as we know, so play your part in keeping it clean.

Contact Garbage Master Ltd. for further details and to book your skip today.

Tele: (246) 419-0187



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